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The main points that I want to call attention to is that:

When I was brought up before Jehovah and before he spoke to me, he was conversing with the one who does the healing at the Ernest Angley Crusades. This is a Spirit Being who was asking about the Great Tribulation and Jehovah replied, I do not want him to see it... Jehovah was talking like he was waiting for me to die before he allows this on the earth. Is this because I have the Shade on the right hand and Jehovah is protecting me? (Psalms 121:5 & 6) This mark is on my hand for all the world to see.


When I was a youngster, I became aware that I was different because I could see and hear what other people were left totally unaware of. This did not lead to any sort of sickness and I was not troubled by any of this because it seemed so natural to me. I mentioned Ernest Angley because this is when I first met the Spirit Being who introduced me to Jehovah some decades later when I turned 30 years of age. My first experience was probably when I was perhaps seven years old. This was before Ernest Angley occupied Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio on State Road. What I attended with my mother and brother was a tent meeting. Ernest Angley was not there that night. Two women possibly his wife and sister were holding the meeting and laying on hands so that the Holy Ghost would fill the people. When they were done all the people were laying on the ground unconscious except for my mother, brother, and me. We three were the only ones left standing. I did not find out until decades later why that happened like that. Behind the two women who were officiating, I could see two spirit beings sitting on what looked like Thrones. They were floating in the air behind the altar. One was Jesus and the other was the same Spirit Being that brought me up before Jehovah God decades later. He spoke as I approached the altar and said, He comes to me with a mind like that and asks me to heal his foot... What he was talking about was that I had repeatedly sprained my right ankle and so I wanted it healed. Hey, I was just a youngster in elementary school LOL (Laughter). Having an exceptional mind meant nothing to me at that stage of my life. I just wanted to run and play.

On a more serious note, after I turned 14 years of age I got baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses on April 14, 1962. I had disregarded my previous experience with the Holy Ghost as a youngster. I was now part of Theocratic Ministry School and going door to door while offering bible studies to my neighbors. My previous experience however had left me wary because I knew that I was not anointed for the Ministry. I will not say that I am not anointed because there is something obviously different about me. When preachers claim to receive the call they often mean something spiritual although they do not often explain it. I had plenty of experiences however this did not qualify me for the ministry. Jesus told his followers to wait for the Holy Spirit (Power from on high) before trying to represent him (Luke 24:49). This was what was missing for me.

A couple of years later at about age 17, I was at the beach at Bakers Acres near Akron Ohio. I was there on my beach blanket and reading a book about King David by author Frank G. Slaughter. Suddenly, the same spirit being came down and looked at what I was doing. He spoke and said, He is reading about himself. That experience stayed with me and gave me a hint as to why I am so aware of the spirit world and have a unique perspective on everything.

In 1978 I was pulled out of my body at (age 30) and brought up before Jehovah (January 6th, 1978) I was in my room on a Friday night trying to sleep and suddenly a Spirit person that I recognized from the Nazarene Church that I attended as a youngster came into the room and said Sit up. Jehovah will speak to you now. As I sat up suddenly I started floating and I looked behind me and there was my body still sitting up and laying on the bed. The next thing I was aware of was that I was in the spirit realm and there was Jehovah God who was talking to the Spirit Being who has been with me since I attended the Ernest Angley tent meeting so many years ago, He was asking Jehovah about the Great Tribulation and when it would occur. The only reply that I heard was I do not want him to see it. Then Jehovah started talking about me dying before the Great Tribulation happens. I was then introduced to Jehovah as someone who I had refused to serve just because I did not have the mind for it. Jehovah then condemned me for unfaithfulness as he started speaking to me. He then came up close to me face to face and said, From now on you are going to have to earn the attention you get from me. I remember this happening on a Friday night, Saturday morning, which is Jewish Sabbath. I continue to wonder how I can earn his attention. I am not even sure that I have the same protection that I once had. I have hope that I have not been rejected because of what Jehovah said to me.

About three years later (age 33) I was again in my room although a different apartment building. I was thinking about all that had happened to me over the years, many experiences that I have not even mentioned in this letter and wondering why this had all happened to me. So, I asked audibly, Where is Jesus? and suddenly he was there. He spoke to me audibly saying I am Jesus. I then saw a pair of dark eyes peering down on me. There were two other spirit beings with him and they seemed to form a pyramid around me. Then he said to his companions, I know I am not supposed to speak to him. I just cannot stand to let him think that he is alone. Then without referring to The Shade mentioned in Psalms 121:5 he said, You are to become the Anointed One of God. This is what that mark means on your hand. This was news to me because the Bible does not mention this. He continued to speak to me, and what was said after that remark agreed with what I remembered during my first experience at the Ernest Angley Crusade about twenty-five years earlier. I suppose this experience with Jesus lasted for about ten minutes and then he was gone. When he was done speaking, I understood why I had not been touched by the Holy Ghost so many years previously.

I do not engage in Spiritism because there are Biblical teachings against this. Please do not misunderstand me. All of my experiences are connected to my interest in God and the reaction of the spirit world to that activity. Perhaps the best way to explain it is spiritual growth. If you center your life around God, then you will experience things that the people around you remain unaware of. Psalms 119:18 and 2nd Kings 6:17

Main Points on what you should know:

Jehovah did not speak to me about Israel and the Palestinians. Whether they are the mixed company that has been gathered (Isaiah 11:10-12) is not something that I have direct knowledge about. What happens to them is now up to Jehovah.

I say these things about the mixed company that left Egypt under Moses because all through the Bible Jehovah speaks of his people in the present tense as though they were still alive. This is because they are. Jesus said that God is God to the living and not of the dead. (Matthew 22:32) Jehovah also speaks of his servant David centuries after he presumably died as though he were still alive because he was. (Isaiah 37:35). I saw Pat Robertson say on the 700 Club a few years ago, that he did not believe in Soul Sleep. That remark stayed with me because it was a little unusual for a minister to say. I do however know by personal experience with Jesus that he exercises his power over Death and the Hades on a regular basis both with humans and animals. (Revelations 1:18) I know that the Bible does not mention this about the animals except that I had an experience with one of my cats after she died. Also, Jesus did not deny that humans continue to get reborn. Instead, he made a distinction between rebirth and the resurrection in that a change is made which makes resurrection different than the rebirth. He was talking to the Sadducees who did not believe in the resurrection. (Matthew 22:23-33). Rebirth seems to be beneficial to the spirit. I am telling you what I have experienced.


When people tell you that religious faith is a private matter, do not believe it. When the Great Tribulation hits the earth, it will not be because some politician made a mistake in Washington DC. The Bible says, There will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world's beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. (Matthew 24:21, NW Translation) When that happens you will want to be saved by Jesus or protected by Jehovah. I was taught when I was young that the name Jesus means, Jah Saves. The name Jah refers to Jehovah who is Jesus's Father. This agrees with Isaiah 43:10 where Jehovah says he is the only God and Savior. The disciples say that Jesus is savior because they had been given to him. (Acts 4:12, John 6:37, John 17:6) The Angel Gabriel told Mary that Jesus would save his people from their sins. (Matthew 1:21) What I am trying to explain to you is that either you are saved, or you need protection. If you are saved then from what I hear, you know it. If this is, you then CONGRATULATIONS!

I am now talking to the rest of you who need protection from what will soon come onto the earth. The angel speaking to the prophet Daniel spoke of the time of trouble and that everyone who was written down in the book would escape. (Daniel 12:1) I believe that the book the Angel was referring to be was the (Book of Remembrance) one that began to be written listing those who were constantly thinking about Jehovah. (Malachi 3:16) In Jehovah's eyes the past two or three thousand years are only two or three days to him. (Psalms 90:4, 2nd Peter 3:8)

There is much more that I could say however you should be going to the Kingdom Hall in your neighborhood and ask for a Bible Study with Jehovah's Witnesses. You will learn that the Earth was made for mankind and was given to us to inhabit with the abundance of peace both for humans and animals. (Psalms 37:11; Isaiah 11:7,8)

If anything that I said seems confusing and you have questions or if you want to share your experiences, then please contact me.

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